I want Wanda Jackson to cover all of Amy Winehouse’s music.

The Ghost Who Walks (live acoustic) 

[I can’t decide if I like this one more or less than the album version. I think it really misses something without the organ.]

Karen Elson - The Truth is in the Dirt on the Ground 

The Secret Sisters ( With Jack White) 

Big River 

(So Maybe he went to the crossroads, or maybe it’s a racist lie, saying no black man could be that good without the devil getting his soul when he dies) 

Sixteen Saltines

I know that no one ever seriously doubted that Jack would inject a dose of fuzzed out blues into his new album. Just in case though, heres some proof.

This track makes me even more excited for what Mr. White has in store for us.

Karen Elson - Season Of The Witch

It’s rare that I think a cover version is better than an original. This one, though, at the very least, gives the original a run for it’s money. 
I hope that the end of Jack and Karen’s marriage doesn’t affect her musical output. 

Jack White’s first band. The Upholsters. 



Gimmie Sympathy 

Pain Gimmie 

The Hardest Button to Button - Live in Las Vegas 

The best performance of this song I’ve ever heard. It really casts the song in a whole new light. 

Live in 2003, during the Elephant tour. 

This is an MP3 from a vinyl rip of the rare promotional album that was released after the show. Copies of this 3xLP are super rare and very expensive. ($450 or more.) 

Stripes fans, listen to this. You will regret it if you don’t. 

The Raconteurs - Blue Veins - Live 

"You were the first one to believe me when I said to you "Girl, I think it’s gonna rain, but I could be wrong." 

Seven Minutes and forty-nine seconds of an amazing song, from one of the greatest living bands. 

JEFF the Brotherhood - Whatever I want 

These guys like to rock out with their shirts off. It’s a thing that they do. In this song, the demonstrate that they also like to sing about being transgendered. An interesting topic for a hard rock band, to say the least. 

The video is kind of twisted, too. 

Oh, and keep your eyes open. That’s Jack White on the Organ. 

"My mom said I could be whatever I want/I want to be a woman"