The Zombies - Tiny Desk Concert

Holy Shit. Would you believe these guys still got it? After all these years, after every set back that this band has been through Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone can, remarkably, still slay.  

I’m glad I heard this. I want to hear some samples of their new album (and perhaps find out what they sound like live with a full band.)  I hope, now that I’ve seen this, that I get the chance to see them perform live. That’d be great. 


Gashcat - Morning Sun

Who do *you* think these guys sound like? 

JEFF the Brotherhood - NPR Tinydesk Performance

Great set, showcasing the “Quite versions” of a handful of their songs. 

[Somewhere around 7:50, they demonstrate that I was being honest when I said that they like to play shirtless.] 

Johannesburg’s Spoek Mathambo (real name: Nthato Mokgata) first hotwired our world with a series of collaborative projects—Sweat X, Playdoe—that placed his smart, dirty vocals on top of electro-rap bangers that activated dancefloors across the globe. Things went darker and deeper with his 2010 debut album, Mshini Wam (translation: “bring me my machine”), a record which took Spoek’s love affair with South African culture and his coined “township tech” as a starting point. As always, he pulled those influences in a direction all his own (think: a pitched-down wobble-house cover of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control”). Mathambo topped things off with a grip of visually thrilling videos depicting a fresh-to-death urban gothic vibe, and months of touring across US, Europe, and South America.
I’d never heard of Spoek Mathambo before. I listened to a track called “Stuck Together” from his upcoming album. Now I want to hear the rest of the tracks from the album, and possibly purchase the album. (It’s not out yet. When it is, I’ll obtain the LP.)
That’s not something that happens often. It’s especially rare for an album of “Electro-Rap Bangers” to catch my attention. Go listen. Disappointed you will not be. 

Angsty pop about the troubles of being an English major. 

The vocals are mixed too low, they get lost in the music. That’s a shame because the lyrics are great. Catchy, clever, and scathing. 

The music, well, it isn’t bad. 

(Via NPRs All Songs Considered) 



Didn’t get tickets to The Kills sold out show tonight at 9:30 Club? Fear not! NPR will have the live webcast of tonight’s show. Click the photo above for the link. 

It’s true! Listen here online or on your phone.

I caught this show in Atlanta last night. It was great. The openers (Hunters, from brooklyn) were astounding as well. Wish I could find some of their music online.

Jack made a surprise appearance, too. That was neat. 

Anyway, I’m listening to the broadcast now. JEFF the Brotherhood just took the stage and is about to start playing.

For those that don’t know you can listen and download the concert live now, and/or download/stream it after the fact. It’s a fantastic little racket that they are running. They’ll be covering SXSW this year as well (with video?). So that’s cool.

Come check it out.

Apparently the house lights have dimmed, they are expecting the band to start any second. I’m going to stop typing now and start paying attention.