The Dead Weather live on a Spanish language talk show. 

More from Gabriel Mayer. 

This guy has got some skill. 

I wish I knew more about him. 

The Dead Weather - Live from the basement

This is Jack White (of the white stripes and the raconteurs) on Drums, Dean Fertita (of queens of the stoneage) on guitar, Allison Mosshart (of the kills) on vocals, Little Jack (of the raconteurs) on bass. 

This is live from the basement. The show is dark and explosive. 

Apparently I’m on a live music kick today

Two Star Tabernacle - Live 1998 - Hey Mary - Jack White on Vocals

The White Stripes Live
King Tut’s
Glasgow, Scotland
August 3rd 2001
(Audio Only)

1. Death Letter (Son House) 
2. 7:25 - Let’s Shake Hands 
3. 9:11 - When I Hear My Name 
4. 11:00 - Jolene (D.Parton) 
5. 15:10 - Lets Build A Home, Goin Back To Memphis
6. 18:05 - Suzy Lee 
7. 21:50 - You’re Pretty Good Looking 
8. 23:30 - Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground 
9. 26:21 - I Think I Smell A Rat 
10. 28:57 - Hotel Yorba 
11. 31:20 - Were Going to Be Freinds 
12. 34:05 - Apple Blossom 
13. 36:15 - Astro 
14. 38:02 - Jack The Ripper (Screaming Lord Sutch) 
15. 39:37 - The Big Three Killed My Baby 
16. 42:08 - Screwdriver 
17. 46:00 - Boll Weevil (Leadbelly)

Two years and a lot of confidence later. 

Alternate cam of “Do” from the same show. 

Very Early White Stripes bootleg

The White Stripes - Gold Dollar - 1999-11-27 

Quality is poor but listenable. This is about as low quality as I’m willing to go on a bootleg, I probably would have passed it up for anyone other than the Stripes. 

1. Screwdriver

2.  Stop Breaking Down blues (cover)

3. Little Bird

4. Jolene (cover)

5. Wasting My Time,

6. When I Hear My Name

7.  The Big Three Killed My Baby

8.  Do

9. Hello Operator

10. Expecting

11.  I’m Bored (cover)

The audience doesn’t seem to care much about the band. The band is loose and unsure of themselves. (This is only a few months after their first album dropped) 

Live At Maidstone, Radio 1 Big Weekend 05-11-2008

01 Consoler Of The Lonely
02 Hold Up
03 You Don’t Understand Me
04 Top Yourself
05 Old Enough
06 Blue Veins
07 Level
08 Attention
09 Many Shades Of Black
10 Salute Your Solution
11 Steady, As She Goes

I wrote a nasty letter 

And I sent it to the lord

It said Don’t you dare

Come and Bother 

Me No More

[The Dead Weather - Rocking Horse (live)] 

A live version of the track that turned me from a casual music listener into a rabid music geek and eventual audiophile (but not the gross kind of music geek audiophile, promise!) 

Toward the middle of the track he transistions into “The Party Of Special Things to Do” which might be my favorite White Stripes non-album B-Side. Then he tortures his little plastic guitar, and makes it beg for its life. And it’s good. 
[Jack White - Blue Orchid - Live]  

Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling & Dharohar Project - To Darkness

I bought this on Record Store Day last year, for this track and this track alone. 
The whole thing is good, but it pales in comparison to this track. 
Listen to it. 
Listen again. 
Listen a third time. 
Be transformed, probably.