Oh God. I can’t handle this much awesome.

There is a server on the internet which allows you to play games on your apple][ computer. 

You connect to the server with a smartphone or tablet, connect a standard audio cable from the internet connected device to the headphone in port on the Apple][. Then you press play, and the game downloads from the internet, is converted to audio, is played through your phone and in to your Apple.

The Apple plays games from the internet.

I can’t handle this much awesome.  

Seven record players. While one of them continuously plays the LP Programme Radio that was composed with Rainier Lericolais and Christel Brunet (reference OS.000) the six other turntables are switched on randomly and we can hear the sudden jumps and clicks of purposely scratched 45’s of light variety music.

This audio installation is … well I wish I could have seen it in person. It’s fascinating.