Metroid Start Screen 

May I just say, this game is really fucking hard. You think you know what to expect, but you don’t. “Oh, It only took me 20 minutes to beat super metroid.” you may say to me. (First of all, bullshit. The game is much longer than that. and second,) you’re still not prepaired. This game is fucking ridiculous. 

Enemies can fly at an angle. You can’t shoot at an angle. Enemies are nimble as shit. You are a soldier in a clunky “power-suit” that apparently prevents you from moving with any kind of grace.

You will die. Again. and again.

This game hails from an era when video games tried actively to anger and frustrate their players. Thankfully there are no mazes of twisty passages, all alike. Even without the mazes, the game is frustrating as hell. It will leave you bashing your head against a wall in frustration. 

But, yeah. Great game. Highly recomended.