Futurama Pixel art. c64 style. In honor of the birthday I missed yesterday. 

(Original work, promise.)  

This is a photo of my little brother playing Ninja Gaiden for the first time. 

He is playing it using a RETROPort NES to SNES adapter, connecting to a SupaBoy portable SNES, and finally to a television. The Retroport is a Famiclone (an NES on a Chip),  designed to be powered (and take inputs from) an SNES. 

The SUPABoy is an SNES on a chip that has been fashioned into a portable gaming console. It has rather excellent SNES compatibility. (I played Starfox on it.) 

In spite of the ridiculousness of this set up, the fact that NES carts are notoriously vibration sensitive and  the cart was hanging out of the top of the controller that he was using to play the game, the fact that this was his first time playing, and the notorious difficulty of this game, he managed to beat the first level on his first attempt.